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The roof is the primary savior of the house. When a roof is damaged due to natural or man-made causes, it is best to attend to it right away as we do not know the further damages it could cause to the home.

Be it roof repair and replacement, Remodeling Service Dallas is here to serve you. As one of the top Dallas roofers, we are offer the best services when it comes to roof repair as well as roof installation.


Damages to your roof, such as roof leaks caused by old or worn-out shingles, fallen limbs, weather effects, are pretty rampant and occur frequently, hence the need for a professional inspection, early detection and repair which we can provide for you.

Roof repair by our expert team of roofers helps improve roofs’ lifespan and enhance the roof’s performance and appearance. Inspections carried out by us detect minor problems, correct them and prevent them from developing into major issues.

At Remodeling Services Dallas, we carry out Roof Repair by providing the best materials in treating minor and major damages, and you can be rest assured, your roof would be as good as a new one!

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ROOF REPLACEMENT The need for a roof replacement cannot be overemphasized as it turns out to be a significant financial investment for the house owner. They save cost in the long run, and the house owners can get at least 25 years more on the house.

As a trusted Dallas roofer, we treat roof installation with utmost precision and care, as we understand that the weather and type of materials heavily affect the lifespan of a roof, hence the need to expertly pick out the best kind of materials that would benefit and serve the house owner effectively.

We specialize in residential roofing and commercial roofing. We also offer: Metal roofing, Cedar shake, Tile roofing and Flat roofing.

Your search for a top Dallas roofer is over.

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